Conner Creek LogoConner Creek Academy East/Michigan Collegiate is excited to announce the hiring of Ms. Timeka Hairston as our new Transportation Coordinator.  Ms. Hairston has 23 years of experience in the transportation business which includes being the owner of her own transportation company and a former driver for our students. She is also familiar with the mission of our school as she is the parent of one of our Michigan Collegiate graduates.

With Ms. Hairston, Conner Creek Academy East will now be running the busses, creating schedules and setting expectations for student behavior. We are anticipating a smoother and more consistent experience for our students.  There is a new student bussing handbook outlining the rules of the bus that all parents and students should be familiar with.

One of our school busesConner Creek Academy East will have a new fleet totaling 15 busses, and we are proud to be able to offer this free service for our families. Please note that cleanliness, timeliness, and safety is a responsibly of the school, students and parents.

Timeka Hairston’s office is located at the elementary building and she can be reached either by email at hairstont@connercreekeast.org or by phone at 586-779-8055 with any questions or concerns.

EFFECTIVE November 26th*


Location Morning * Afternoon**
  All Elementary MS/HS
1. Heilman Recreation Center:   7:15-7:25 3:50-4:00 3:50-4:00
2. Gratiot/8mile: 7:15-7:25 3:50-4:00 3:30-3:40
3. 6 mile/Hoover: 6:45-6:55 4:15-4:25 3:40-3:50
4. Van Dyke/Outer Drive: 7:05-7:15 4:35-4:45 3:30-3:40
5. Groesbeck/8mile: 7:20-7:30 3:50-4:00 3:40-3:50
6. Ryan/8mile: 7:15-7:25 3:50-4:00 3:30-3:4
7. Stephens/Gratiot: 6:30-6:40 3:45-3:55 3:50-4:00
8. Northland: 6:25-6:35 4:50-5:00
9. Highland Park: 6:55-7:00 4:20-4:30
8: Mt. Clemens Runs: (Parents arrive at least 5 min prior)
14 and Ambridge: 6:20 3:40
Colonial: 6:40 4:05
Star Theater: 6:55 3:55
Macomb Mall: 7:00 3:45
Nardelli:   7:05 3:50
Conner Creek:  7:20 3:30

*Morning busses will not arrive earlier then the designated time and will be departing promptly at the designated time

**See School Bus Handbook for rules regarding end of day pick-ups

Contact Mrs. Timeka Hairston at (586)-779-8055 with any questions